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Elmo Wants a Bath

(Bathtime Books)

By Joe Mathieu
Illustrated in full color. Water-loving Elmo just can't wait to jump into a tub full of bubbles and water toys and scrub, scrub, scrub! Perfect for reluctant bathers, this cheerful book is made of soft, washable nontoxic vinyl--and it really floats!

Description from Publisher

Elmo's Wash &and Dry: A Magic Bath Book

By Carol Nicklaus
Elmo's blanket needs washing. Elmo waits while his blanket goes through the washer, then the dryer, and finally comes back to his arms. Dipping the book in and out of water makes bubble drawings appear and disappear in this very colorful tale.

Description from Publisher

Elmo's Tub-Time Rhyme

(Bath Book)

By Kara McMahon
Rub-a-dub-dub—read this book in the tub! Elmo’s puppy gets a bath in a brief and bouncy rhyming story that makes bathtime fun time!

Description from Publisher

Yo, Ho, Rubber Duckie: A Magic Bath Book

By Carol Nicklaus
Rubber Duckie is off on a watery adventure! Dip the book in the bath to discover all kinds of watery surprises.

Description from Publisher

This is one of the best bath book that I met. Its sharp colours amazes my baby very much. It is also wonderful book for toddlers. My two-year-old son even thinks its magic to change the colours and so he loves it so much and must take it in his bath.

Description from Customer Review

Ernie's Bath Book

By Michael J. Smollin
Another type of book for babies is the bath book. Made of durable plastic, bath books can be taken into the tub or outside and can endure the worst baby spills! All bath books by major publishers have been safety tested and are completely nontoxic. In these bath books, toddlers will find familiar characters and new friends to make. There are some helpful lessons too -- for example, in Potty Time. There are a wide variety of bath books to chose from.

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