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A Charlie Brown Christmas (Books, Videos, Music, and Toys)

A Boy Named Charlie Brown: The Original Sound Track Recording Of The CBS Television Special
The jazz trio recordings that made up most of West Coast pianist Vince Guaraldi's output often leaned more in the pop direction. Guaraldi had played with Cal Tjader and Woody Herman, scored a niche with Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus, and hit a commercial high point with his melodic melodrama "Cast Your Fate to the Wind," but he will forever be tied to his score for the cartoon A Boy Named Charlie Brown. These performances are memorable for the program they set out to accomplish. The bright little skirmish of "Linus and Lucy" is the perfect accompaniment to these mimetic characters. "Blue Charlie Brown" contains some catchy piano soloing from Guaraldi. "Baseball Theme" works perfectly, as does the samba "Pebble Beach" and the Chaplinesque rag, "Schroeder."

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Charlie Brown's Holiday Hits
Recognizing that the holiday season really begins at Halloween (and, in some quarters, doesn't end until the Super Bowl), Vince Guaraldi and his record company have wisely assembled the hummable themes from various Charlie Brown TV specials. What we have here is the album's ability to communicate the playful irony and loopy, lovable characters that people Charles Schulz's "Peanuts" comic strip every week. Though only one actual Christmas tune is included--"Christmas Time Is Here," in both the vocal and instrumental versions--kids from ages 1 to 92 will still appreciate the "Great Pumpkin Waltz," the "Thanksgiving Theme," oddities such as "Heartburn Waltz" and "Joe Cool," and, of course, the "Charlie Brown Theme."

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A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Original Sound Track Recording Of The CBS Television Special
The first time you listen to this disc you will undoubtedly be transported directly back to your childhood. Charles Schulz's Peanuts characters will go toe-tapping and funky-dancing through your mind's eye. Play it a few more times, though (ignoring the dialogue snippets, if you can), and you will begin to truly revel in Guaraldi's wonderful, humorous, deep piano playing. You'll hear why he's such an influence on new age ivory tickler George Winston, but you'll also realize that Winston's holiday music never quite sparkles with the underlying passion, and humor, that twinkles in these grooves. Buy it for the nostalgia--keep it because it will remain one of the most enchanting albums in your holiday collection.

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Joe Cool's Blues

By Wynton and Ellis Marsalis
Personnel-wise this is a Marsalis family affair; and how delightful it must be for both Wynton and Branford to engage the talents of so adept a family member as their father (and fellow Columbia recording artist), pianist Ellis Marsalis. With Branford on tenor saxophone, and younger brother Delfeayo on trombone, an Ellis-led ensemble features a delightful turn by New Orleans vocal treasure Germaine Bazzle on the playful "Little Birdie." Otherwise on the CD, Wynton's regular septet shares the selections on a 60-40 basis with Ellis's trio. The musical subject matter dovetails neatly with Wynton's ongoing jazz-education work with children: the selections are from the songbook of Charles Schulz's Peanuts characters, including odes to "Linus & Lucy," "Peppermint Patty," "Snoopy & Woodstock," and of course "Charlie Brown," pictured on the cover merrily engaging the jazz bass. The music is delivered with loads of humor, but lest one get the impression of total frivolity, these songs stand up solidly as jazz vehicles.

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Charlie Brown Christmas

By Cyrus Chestnut
Jazz pianist Cyrus Chestnut knows a good thing when he hears it, and the music of A Charlie Brown Christmas, set forth so eloquently by the Vince Guaraldi Trio decades ago, is one of them. The pianist is backed here by a bevy of New York's premier session players and jazz stars: drummer Steve Gadd; ace sax players Michael Brecker, Kenny Garrett, and Steve Cole; and guitarist Pat Martino. Chestnut proves as inventive as always, playing with lighthearted wit and lyrical sophistication. He captures the whimsy of such Peanuts classics as "Skating" and the winning interplay of "Linus and Lucy," delightfully mixing it up with Martino's guitar figures. Chestnut also pays fond homage to the whole Peanuts gang with his memorable opening solo, "Me and Charlie Brown." Joined by Vanessa Williams and the Boys Choir of Harlem on "Christmas Time Is Here," Chestnut and company work their understated magic on this and other traditional fare. Somewhere, Charles Schulz is nodding his head in time to these lovely tunes and updates.

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Linus & Lucy: The Music Of Vince Guaraldi

By George Winston
While Vince Guaraldi's piano playing and composing have had a big influence on George Winston's work, there is little sense of direct imitation in this affecting tribute to the man who composed the memorable music for the television specials based on cartoonist Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts characters. Winston's solo piano style is fuller and more reflective than Guaraldi's, a hearty blend of powerful chords and subdued rhythms. It seems to embrace Guaraldi's tunes, both the Peanuts songs, like the title tune and "You're in Love, Charlie Brown," and Guaraldi's other music, like "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" and "Monterey," which seems to blend somber tones with an almost luminous quality. The warmth, wit, and whimsy here evoke memories of the best work of Guaraldi and Schulz.

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Here's to You, Charlie Brown!: 50 Great Years!

By David Benoit
Joined by bassist Christian McBride and drummer Peter Erskine in an acoustic-trio format, pianist David Benoit stitches together a modest but appealing ode to the music of Vince Guaraldi and the cartoon character that affected both of their careers. Half the compositions that make up Here's to You appear on Guaraldi's 1964 television soundtrack A Boy Named Charlie Brown. It's actually Guaraldi's original trio you hear during the opening 50 seconds of "Linus and Lucy," until Benoit's threesome splices in its own improvisation. A bit brief at 42 minutes, the package is nevertheless nicely understated and affectionately played. Some listeners would rather not have a holiday selection at the album's midpoint ("Christmas Time is Here," with harmonies by gospel act Take 6), but the intrusion is minor. Other guests include Chris Botti (adding a tasteful muted trumpet to a Benoit composition, "Linus Tells Charlie"), Michael Brecker (tenor sax on the swinging "Freda"), and Al Jarreau on the concluding "Happiness."

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Schroeder's Greatest Hits

Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown!

Oh, Good Grief!

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